Stefanie August Creative

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Stefanie August Creative
Book Development   Agent Pitching  Marketing Strategy


Comprehensive Book Development

My work begins with identifying your powerful message. Then, I help you shape your book to convey your message and prepare it for book form by working with you as a consultant and collaborative writer. This occurs over 90 days, based on how elaborate your writing is. This includes proposal development or editing your book to industry standards.

I then work with you to develop a new publishing proposal or redevelop the proposal and query materials you may already have written. This includes defining all elements of your book proposal, including:

  • Creating biography materials w
  • Determining the book's relevance
  • Defining comparative titles 
  • Defining your target market 
  • Editing to industry specifications
  • Preparing query materials

Agent Pitching

During this phase, I pitch your query materials and proposal to agents from hot leads and databases that I work with. When an offer of representation is presented, I encourage clients to choose an agent or publisher based on the advance and the overall commitment of the publisher. Traditionally, once you receive an offer, my work is completed since you will work with the agent and publishing house editor to get the writing to their unique presentation standards.

Services include:

  • Researching the best agent for your genre
  • Querying on your behalf 
  • Maintaining a database of pitches
  • Sending you agent correspondences

Marketing Development & Advance PR

Agents and publishers want to see an author making an effort to self-market, even as the book is being written. This includes having a website and social media presence where we can post items about your writing and its outcome. 

Services include:

  • Social Media Pages & Profiles
  • Website Development 
  •  SEO keyword development